Nadia Tehran

“This Artists Confrontational Style Draws On Both Her Persian Heritage and Her Local Swedish Punk Scene” By Rachel Hahn Iranian-Swedish artist Nadia Tehran released her dark and expansive debut album, Dozakh: All Lovers Hell in Tehran earlier this Spring, a cumulative sonic document of the past 15 years of her life, dating all the way back […]

Tehran – A Modern Day Metropolis

A young Australian man travels to Tehran and finds it a glittering abandon under Iran’s theocratic yoke. By Luke Hamilton Leaving Sydney and landing at Imam Khomeini Airport in the southern outskirts of Tehran is almost guaranteed to temper most Westerners’ expectations. Iran: the cradle of civilization, the sleeping lion of the middle east, the […]

A look at Iran’s Diverse Religious History

Iran has a large Christian community and over 300 beautiful churches, many of which are on the UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Iranian Christians live in complete harmony and amity with the rest of the country. With the Christmas celebrations over, Iranians are already preparing for their biggest annual celebration; the Persian new year. Norooz (meaning […]

25 Inspirational Quotes from Persian Poets

From the beginning of time, poetry has been one of the means for people to show their deepest feelings and emotions. For centuries, the country of Iran has been generating some of the most inspiring and influential poets, whose crafts revolutionized the literature. Human rights, divine mysticism, spanning melodies of love, their poetry is an […]

Why You Should Plan Your Next Trip To Iran

No matter what the world says, there is no denying that Iran is a beautiful place to visit. Despite all the recent events and what the country has gone through, it is still considered to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth by the people who have seen the place in all its […]