Top 5 Emerging Iranian Designers

The world of fashion is a constantly changing fast-paced environment that leaves little room for rest. Designers have to stay in touch with the latest trends and figure out ideas to get ahead of them. With this in mind, we’d like to provide you with 5 of the most talented and yet emerging Iranian designers that are definitely worth the attention. Let’s take a quick look.

1. Foje

Foje is a designer that’s focusing on the uncharacteristic and non-traditional. The designs are stunning yet hard to embrace if you are a fan of traditional clothing. The design lines manage to capture traditional elements and combine them with styles which are contemporary and a bit minimalistic in order to come with beautiful attires which are nothing short of attention-grabbing.

2. Langardi Official

Coming from an aspiring young designer, Langardi Official is a brand that’s going to combine aspects of the Persian aesthetics alongside neutral decomposition of natural forms as well as the usage of earthly toned and slightly transparent fabrics. All of the elements are deeply inspiring and are fruits of a lot of talent.

3. Taraneh Shahbazi

Taraneh’s designs are the production of the aspiring work of Taraneh Shahbazi. He is known for being one of the most well-known bag designers in the Middle East region, and he is known for 100% handmade process as well as the utilization of leather of high-end quality.

4. Langerbeg

With impressive designs, this is without a doubt amongst the aspiring fashion gurus that are going to be entitle to great success, provided the work is kept up to this standards. The clothing are a piece of art and are combined thoroughly in order to capture traditional elements with sophisticated modernism that brings you back to reality.

5. Zhaanteh

Adding a bit of rebellion attitude to the clothing, Zhaanteh is definitely producing attires which are out of the box, to say the least. Combining traditional Iranian elements and making them look perky and rebellious is without a doubt an approach that’s worth the attention of many and is something that’s incredibly appealing at the same time.

We’ve chosen these particular designers to follow because we managed to find a lot of potential and a huge interest towards their work. Being amongst the young talents of Iranian fashion, these designers are surely going to provide us with a lot more to grasp at. The clothing produced are stunning and unusual which is something that’s capable of bringing a lot of diversity in the world of fashion.

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  1. Sounds really good. Could you please provide some photos for each designer? I’m really interested. Thanks.

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