Iranian Fashion World: The New Hot Market for Global Designers & Brands

Let’s face it – the fashion world of Iran is pushing the limits of fashion as we know it today. This inspiring market is definitely attracting the attention of fashion designers and brands worldwide and they are progressively fascinated as to what this market has to offer.

Iran’s expanding fashion industry has not only given incentive to young fashion designers, it has also created more opportunities for more versatile brands to enter the scene. Fashion shows are not only moving out of the shadows, but are coming to our front and center attention.
The shows are being organized all across the country, featuring the hottest trends by incredibly talented Iranian designers and attended by the most enthusiastic fashion forward consumers of all ages and occupations worldwide! This of course is giving more motivation to aspiring designers as they watch, learn, and admire what the creme de la creme of Iran has to offer.

As we gain more focus on local Iranian fashion designers we witness first hand their creativity and ability to create masterpieces. Iranians, without a doubt, have excellent taste for fashion, they tend to follow the newest trends on social media, are inspired by fashionistas in the movies and add a little flair of their own! Following the latest trends allow fashion designers to add parts of their culture and uniqueness which in the end results in nothing less than perfection.

The Iranian fashion designers deeply believe that fashion can and will enhance the quality of people’s lifestyles, and it is a well known fact amongst the fashion community that High end fashion is a very much welcome and craved luxury in Iran. That being said, Iran and its fashion market definitely have incredible potential, and has been noticed by such brands as Roberto Cavalli and Sephora and is only growing in number.

According to the designers, competition exists and is continuously expanding, which is a good sign. This means that the market is evolving and the passion for fashion is only becoming more extensive. If you position yourself on this particular market you can grow incredibly and expand your business beyond expectations. When delving into this amazingly diverse business quality of the product and cost and demand should be taken well into consideration.

The motivation of Iranian fashion designers and their very artistic, very exotic, very fashionable designs has not only helped them make a name for themselves worldwide, but has also brought this up and coming hot market to the attention of the world, and there is only more to come.

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