Top 10 Herbal Products Found in the Iranian Herb store:’Attari’

Attaris’ are top notch and well reputed herb stores in Iran. It is necessary to mention that the Middle East is known as one of the most well practicing regions of herbal therapy. Iran itself houses over 8000 Herbals out of which 2300 herbals are linked to aromatic and medical essence. Attaris’ own over 40 kinds of herbs and plants that allow extra-safe and speedy recovery to most medical conditions. Since beauty comes from the inside, we’ve put together a list of what we believe are the very best the Attaris’ have to offer.

Here are the top 10 herbal products that are being offered at the Iranian herb stores:
Capers plant:
Caper is a special plant with unique characteristics that takes over 30 years to develop. The roots are long and hard. They grow away for the plant’s brain with time. When young, the plant’s branches have tiny leaves with thorny tips that go away as the branches grow in age. It provides with a green cherry like fruit with yellow stripes. The inner side of this peal has a small red fruit with numerous amounts of seed. Caper has been in use as herbal medicinal source since the Greek era and it has the ability to cure coughs and asthma.

Wedge plant:
Scientifically names as Acorus Calaus, the Wedge plant mainly grows near water bodies such as streams, canals and rivers. It is also known as Minor Susan and Turkish Agir. The Wedge plant is known for its exceptional tendencies to cure anemia, ulcer, kidney and liver infections, digestion problems and is also use as a treatment for rickets in children. The most common herbal usage of Wedge plant is for treating Jaundice.

Cumin is a very common seed that mainly grows in Middle Eastern and Arab countries. There are two types of Cumin seeds, the Black and the Green. The Green cumin is Iran’s specialty. Cumin seeds are aromatic in nature and other than herbal medication; they are also used as cooking ingredient in various recipes. The best known abilities of Cumin seeds are curing indigestion, acidity and constipation. They also have the tendency to eliminate unwanted odors such as onion and garlic smells and bad breath.

Sekanjabin is one of the most popular herbal medications known around the world. It is a mixture of vinegar, lemon and honey. The original recipe comprises of honey and vinegar however these now being expensive in most regions today, the recipe have now been replaced with sugar. It’s yellowish syrup with amazing uses in both refreshments as well as medicines. The use of Sekanjabin strengthens liver, kidneys and stomach. It gives you a refreshing jolt and is also a great thirst repellant.

Anzrut is a gum like extract scientifically name Astragallus sarcocolla. It has a combination of yellow, white and red shades. Anzrut tastes bittersweet. It usually grows in tropical areas. The quality of Anzrut is defined by its color, and the creamy-white colored Anzrut is considered the best quality. It is formed by mixing interconnected small seeds. Anzrut is known for relieving bloats and clearing mucus.

Nigella (also known as Black Seeds) is a special growth of Iran. It grows on annually basis (once each year). The plant itself is just a source. The seeds are the real deal. In pharmaceutical industry, Nigella is used along with a bit of strawberry as Nigella has a spicy and bitter taste. Nigella is known for its amazing curing ability against all sorts of allergies and chronic conditions. It is widely used by nursing mothers for inducing increased milk secretion. It also helps against migraine, tuberculosis, anemia and diabetes.

Apple Vinegar:
Apple vinegar is not only a herbal medicine but it is also recommended by science and fitness experts for health purposes. Apple vinegar is obtained after fermentation of apples. The crushed apples lose their sugary content and form vinegar that is rich in silicon, fluorine, sulfur, magnesium, iron, sodium and chloride. The most common use of Apple Vinegar is to cure deficiencies such as lack of iron and potassium. It also helps in toxic drugs conditions and curing poisoning caused by wild mushrooms.

Scientifically named as Mentha pulegium, Penny royal is a minty plant. It is commonly known as Mosquito vegetable pudding. Pennyroyal is mainly used as baking and cooking ingredient in Middle East and Southern East. Pennyroyal is also used in perfume manufacturing and as sedatives in the medical field.

Gulnar is the Persian name for a cellular extract from pomegranate trees. It is scientifically known as Punica granatum. Gulnar has the ability to heal wounds, strengthen gums and teeth, eliminating armpit odor and curing severe headaches.

These were the top herbal products and their properties that are easily available at Attaris. Most of these herbs and plant seeds are very hard to find. Their regular use is not only encouraged medically but it has great religious essence as well. Muslims have been known for using such products throughout history as the Prophet himself advised their usage. The Eastern scientists such as Bu Ali Sina have also backed these natural medicines.

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