Why You Should Plan Your Next Trip To Iran

No matter what the world says, there is no denying that Iran is a beautiful place to visit. Despite all the recent events and what the country has gone through, it is still considered to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth by the people who have seen the place in all its glory. There are a lot of reasons why you should plan your next trip to Iran. Here are a few of them:

Hospitable people
The warm welcoming faces with beaming smiles; that is the true face of Iran you get to see every time you visit this place. All the westerners who have been here appreciate the warmth and hospitality of the natives. The people here are not only overly courteous and helpful but they are also extremely fashionable. Once you visit this place, you would marvel at the street fashion and the styling sense of common man there and would realize why the Iranian fashion is influencing global fashion world. It is all about creativity which is way too evident in their artwork, clothing sense and handcrafts.

Culturally rich

House-of-poems-shiraz, By Mohammad Reza Ganji

Art and poetry to learn from. Persian poetry is some of the most beautiful poetry in the world and the Persians cultivated four unique types of poetry; the “epic”, the “ghasideh” a purpose poem, the “masnavi” a narrative poem, and the “ghazal” a lyrical poem. Ferdowsi, author of Shahnameh, took 35 years to write his epic poem about the heroes of Ancient Persia. In the 13th and 14th centuries Saadi, Rumi and Hafez perfected the ghazal, lyrical poems but filled with passion. And Rumi’s Masnavi is considered one of the most beautiful Persian literary works, if not of all Islamic writings.

Plenty of Heritage sites to explore

Ruins of Persepolis, Shiraz
Ruins of Persepolis, Shiraz

There are so many beautiful places to visit that as a traveler you can never get bored of this place. There are a lot of landmarks with historical importance, many that are architecturally rich. Overall some 21 major archaeological sites in Iran have been globally registered by UNESCO as World Heritage sites. At the moment, Iran stands 11th in the number of registered world heritage sites. Archaeologists estimate that modern Iran is home to over a million historical sites, places and zones. During the past centuries, over 150,000 of such sites have been located in different parts of the country. The handcrafts found here are worth a fortune too. The hand-woven carpets of Iran have gained international popularity over the past few years and are known for their detailed artwork and good quality.

Picturesque views

Badab-e-soort-natural-sprin-super, By Mohammad Reza Ganji

Apart from all the buildings and the ruins, the country is a beautiful place to be in terms of location as well.There are so many natural treasures here that the place can leave you in utter awe with its beauty and charisma. There are the natural springs, Babar-e-surt which give the reflection of the sky at night, there is Bagh-e-dolat which is a true depiction of Iranian design and architecture and then there are the Eram Gardens which emanate a positive energy that can be strongly felt by anyone who decides to take a walk through the colorful gardens.

Iranian food is packed with flavor

Duck in walnut and Pomegranate sauce, Persian cuizine

Iranian food aims at combining layers of flavors and spices that unfold together in your mouth with every bite you take. From pomegranate stews to traditional Dizi , the country has a lot to offer in terms of food. Iranian food is not just about kebabs, abkesh, chelo, Khoreshts or qehwas only. There are so many unique flavors to explore and look forward to that will leave your taste buds craving for more. So next time you are looking for a traveling destination, do keep Iran in mind.

Best Place to Ski in the Middle East

Snowboarding, Iran, Dizin Skii Resort

Mountains in Iran have got huge potential for the fans of skiing in nature. There are several peaks higher than 3000 meters on Zagros Mountains, Alborz mountains as well as other local mountain ranges.What’s on offer?
A two-hour drive from the capital to : Untouched, chest-deep powder, Extensive back country and a 5,600-meter volcano, Gondolas up to 3,600 meters; dining at 3,300 and lift passes starting at $20 a day.Legendary back-country skier Chris Anthony describes the slopes as like “a European ski area high up on the glaciers of the French Alps.”

Deep sea explorations

Kish Island , Iran, Scuba Diving

If the mountains don’t excite you, head underwater. Kish Island in the Persian Gulf has many coral reef dive sites and generally fantastic visibility. The best scuba diving spots in Iran are mostly on the south side of Kish Island, there are a few wrecks, such as the Dama Wreck, the Larak Shipwreck, and some excellent natural dive sites, such as Big Corals.
If scuba diving isn’t your thing, In the more protected parts of Kish Island, there are numerous snorkelling opportunities you can check out.

For more information on the country and the beautiful colors that make it what it is, do follow us on our website, or just go there and see for yourself.

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