A Brief History of Iranian Fashion

Iran is a country that has a rich history in terms of fashion. The fashionable trends that exist in the modern world have heavily been influenced by the fashions introduced by the people who lived in ancient Iran. In fact, the Iranian nation can be considered as one of the oldest and continuous civilizations that exist out there in the world. As a result, most of the things that they invented can be seen in the modern world as well.

High heels can be considered as one of the most prominent findings in the ancient Iran. As you already know, high heels are extremely popular in the modern world. But did you ever think how high heels came to this world? If you trace the history, you would figure out that they were introduced by the people who lived in ancient Iran. The horse riders in Iran have used high heels because it can help them to hold the foot in stirrups in a convenient manner. A ceramic bowl that was discovered from Persia, which belongs to the 9th Century bear testimonials to prove the above mentioned fact.

Hijab is another contribution by the Iranians to the fashion world. It has been identified that women who lived in ancient Iran used hijabs in order to protect themselves against the harsh climate that prevails in the area. You can even see women wearing hijabs in the modern world. However, it has evolved to become a fashionable accessory. In other words, people who live in other countries of the world, where they don’t have to face harsh climatic conditions wear hijabs as a fashion accessory.

People who lived in ancient Iran preferred wearing different types of clothes to differentiate them from others. For example, the Jewish people had the habit of wearing a yellow colored cloth on their shoulders to distinguish themselves from the Muslims. This was the main method that they used to differentiate themselves when they are in public. Such fashion trends can be seen in the modern world as well. For example, there are people who wear different types of clothes when they go out to showcase their religion, ethnicity or any other unique trait.

When it comes to the history of Iranian fashion, jewelry holds a prominent place. It has been identified that people used a variety of jewelry such as necklaces, earrings and pendants that are made out of gold. However, the tradition of using animal art on jewelry persisted along with their fashionable trends. For example, a gold pendant that has been made in the form of a lion has been found from recent excavations done in the area. This pendant belongs to the 12th Century and it is an excellent rendering of the animal. Such pendants can be found in the modern world as well.

As you can see, the Iranian history has contributed a lot towards the fashion industry that exists out there in the modern world.

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